Free resources

Before paying an investigator, try the following free resources:


Skiptracing / People search

"SkipTracing" originally began as a term used to describe the process of locating individuals who had "skipped out" on debt. Today it's just a catch-all phrase used to describe the process of locating an individual.


If you are unable to locate an individual using the free resources listed to the left, contact us to discuss your options. As a licensed investigative company, we have access to many resources not available to the general public. Whether you are trying to locate an old friend, military buddy, family member, or the subject of a pending lawsuit, MSL Investigations can provide you with the contact information you require. We are able to provide results far superior to the free resources you will find online. We price each case individually, as the time and resources required can vary greatly.


Contact us today. There is no fee to discuss your case.