Frequently asked questions



Q: Why should I choose MSL Investigations?

A: I invite you to research all of your options before hiring an investigator to assist you with your search. I will not try to convince you we are the only option. I will ask that you do your due-diligence before selecting a company to handle your search. Simply typing the name of the company followed by "reviews" on Google can provide you with information key to making your decision. We have implemented policies and procedures to insure our clients do not have to deal with the same communication issues that seem to plague some of our competitors. All phone calls are returned within 24 hours and the current status of your case is available 24/7 via a personal webpage. (Click here for an example)


To summarize, we strive to provide you with expert level results at a lower price-point than you might find from some of our competitors. All while doing our best to communicate with our clients as efficiently as possible to keep them updated as to the status of their case.



Q: how much does it cost?

A: Our people search costs vary greatly as the amount of work involved in each type of case varies greatly. Our standard people search varies in cost from $125-$400. Our adoption related searches (biological parent and birth child) typically vary in cost from $800-$1200.



Q. How long does it take?

A. Our standard search typically takes 3-5 days, while our adoption related searches can take anywhere from a few days to 18-24 months. Keep in mind that we may need to petition the court to retrieve records or request records from third parties that are overloaded with requests. We will update you as the process moves forward and you can always view the status of your case by visiting your unique webpage.



Q. Are your searches guaranteed?

A. Unfortunately, we typically can not guarantee our searches. The success of our search is dependent on a number of items outside of our control. The most common issue is the quality of the data available to start the search. Names are often incorrectly recorded, dates are wrong, or records can be completely lost. We don't know what we will encounter until we are already in to the process.



Q. What happens when you locate the individual? (Adoption related search)

A. We contact the individual first to verify our findings. We allow the person substantial time to process the information and discuss it with their current family. The individual then decides if they want to contact you or be contacted by you. We facilitate the transfer of the appropriate contact information. If the individual does not want to be contacted, we relay that information to you. If you would like, we will forward a note or letter to the individual so that they have your contact information should they change their mind in the future.



Q. What happens when you locate the individual? (Standard search)

A. We contact the individual to verify we have their permission to transfer their contact information to you. If they refuse, we convey that information to you. For safety reasons, we will not relay the contact information of an individual without their permission.