warning signs

In the early stages of an online relationship, look for the following red flags:


  • Not willing to talk on the phone
  • Calls from a blocked number
  • Never able to Facetime or utilize a webcam
  • Only available to talk certain hours
  • New Facebook profile and/or less than 100 facebook "friends"
  • Not able to share "unique" pictures (i.e. every picture you have is also a Facebook picture)

Internet Catfishing Investigations

Definition of "Catfishing" - To create a fictional online persona or profile with the intention of starting an online relationship with an unsuspecting individual.


The "term" catfish has become very popular since the 2010 release of a documentary of the same name. The documentary follows the online/phone relationship of Nev Shulman and an individual he believes to be "Megan". Nev eventually discovers Megan doesn't exist and is actually a married woman named Angela. Many people question the authenticity of this documentary, but the premise (real or otherwise) is an accurate representation of what happens to many individuals.


We are one of the nation's leading investigators of catfishing cases. We utilize various methods to determine the true identity of the individual you are chatting with along with their location, marital status, and other aspects of their life. We provide you with the information required to make an informed decision to continue or end the relationship.


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