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A note from the founder:

"The absolute best part of owning an investigations company is getting the opportunity to be a part of so many family reunions. I thank you for considering MSL Investigations and I promise you I will do everything in my power to ensure you are able to connect with the individual you are seeking." -Matt Ledbetter

biological parent / child searches


Before you begin, please ensure you are emotionally ready for all potential outcomes. We have a fair number of cases where we successfully locate the individual, but they are not ready to connect at this time. This is obviously a very delicate situation for all involved. We DO NOT relay contact information for individuals we locate unless they authorize us to do so. We make no exceptions to this rule. We will, however, relay a hand-written or typed letter upon request. Please respect the individuals we are contacting. Your biological mother or father may not have shared your existence with their current family members. Similarly, the boy or girl you gave up for adoption many years ago may not even know they are adopted. We approach each situation cautiously and we allow the individual sufficient time to process the information. It might be weeks or even months after our initial contact before he or she reaches out to you.


We do not utilize what we refer to as the "blast" approach. This is the method often used by search angels (who we admit can be VERY helpful) where they generate a list of every individual that even remotely matches the description of the person you are trying to locate. For instance, we will not call EVERY John Smith in Chicago nor will we provide you with a list of contact information for every John Smith. This method is irresponsible and can result in undue stress for many individuals not related to your search. We spend a substantial amount of time researching and analyzing data before we even pick up the phone. Be prepared for the process to take time.


Are you ready to move forward?


  1. a. Gather any documentation you might have. This includes your own notes and a detailed list of work you have already completed and individuals you have already contacted (if any).


  1. b. Email us or contact us by phone. If calling, please set aside a sufficient amount of time as the initial phone call can be lengthy as we discuss your case.