Recent Client Comments

"You have amazing resilience and tenacity. Looks like you found the right line of work!" - M. H.


"I would not hesitate to recommend your company. You handled the situation in a very efficient manner. You did all the leg work and we just had to wait for the check to come. Thank you for taking care of this matter in a timely fashion." - S. V.


"I think you earned every penny considering the amount of "stuff" you had to take care of on my behalf. Thanks for your professional handling of a situation that might have gotten sticky, but didn't." - G. R.


Inheritance / Asset Recovery

Individual - Since 2006, we've assisted individuals with the recovery of over 5 million dollars. Before we contact you, we have completed substantial research that leads us to believe you are the specific claimant we are seeking. We do not send "mass mailings" and we do not contact people without having completed our research beforehand. Our fee is contingent on our client being paid and that fee varies based on the circumstances of the case (probate required, etc). Contact us for details.



Corporate - Companies with a history of megers and acquisitions are the primary benefactors of our corporate recovery services. Our success rate recovering funds for businesses, large and small, is second to none. These funds have a positive and immediate impact on your bottom line.



Contact us today. There is no fee to discuss your case.