SERVICES / rates



General Investigations & Surveillance - $75.00/hour (plus mileage of .60/mile)


inheritance / asset recovery (Varies) - Since 2006, we've assisted individuals and businesses with the recovery of over 5 million dollars. Before we contact you, we have completed substantial research that leads us to believe you are the specific claimant we are seeking. We do not send "mass mailings" and we do not contact people without having completed our research beforehand. Our fee is contingent on our client being paid and that fee varies based on the circumstances of the case (probate required, etc). Contact us for details.


People Search (Varies) - Whether you are trying to locate an old friend, birth parent or the subject of a pending lawsuit, MSL Investigations can provide you with the contact information you require. We utilize numerous private subscription based databases, and provide results far superior to the free resources you will find online. We price each case individually, as the time and resources required can vary greatly. There is never a charge to discuss your case, so contact us today!


SSN Verification ($50.00) - You supply the SSN and we verify the holder of that SSN.


Reverse Address or Phone Search ($50.00) - You supply the address or phone number and we verify the owner or holder.


Motor Vehicle Search by License Plate ($25.00) or Owner Name and Address ($50.00) - Available for most states.


Level 1 Background Search ($125.00) - Criminal records (federal, state, and county), sex offender, criminal/traffic, arrests, and warrants (coverage varies by state).


Level 2 Background Search ($250.00) - Same as level 1, plus asset search, professional license, bankruptcy, liens, and judgments (coverage varies by state).


surveillance (Hourly) - Fidelity issues, child custody disputes, workers compensation claims, etc.


GPS Vehicle Tracking ($250.00) - This price includes placement and removal of tracking unit as well as a detailed report upon completion.


Data Acquisition / web scrapes (varies) - We have a server dedicated to web scraping / data mining and can create an automated project to suit your needs. We're able to extract data, images, and any other online content and then transfer that data to an organized spreadsheet or database. This type of service is typically used to compile data for mailing lists or compare prices from multiple sites or competitors, but can be used for any need that can be facilitated by automating the extraction of data found on the web. Call us to discuss your project.


Relationship Pre-Screening ($125) - Date of birth verification, marriage/divorce search, criminal/civil records, warrants, sex offender registry, professional licenses, bankruptcy, liens, and judgments.



We offer additional searches and options. Contact us directly to discuss your specific needs.